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Lovely blonde tattooed babe Liz strangles poor Steve until his face turns bright red! Steve is helpless under her sleeper hold, watch Steve choke and gasp for air! Liz eventually knocks poor Steve out, but before that she teaches him some lessons with her arm, and leg locks. Poor Steve ends up humiliated by hot Liz, maybe next time he wont mess around and piss Liz off. Steve here has another thing coming!

Mistress Amrita keeps her slaves head between her muscular arms. He is bound up and unable to move. She asks him: "Well, what do you think? Will you tribute me your whole bank account? Or should I continue torture you my silly red faced slave?". He nodded in panic because he was running out of air and thought that she was actually not knowing or noticing that...

This clip contains many different clips in one package. See those sexy well known girls performing deadly moves, brutal grips and torturing their slaves. They headlock them, they wrestle and they beat and overwhelm them with their powerful strength. Nobody has a chance to fight one of those sexy cuties.

Mistress KO plays with her living beat bag. She tries her deadly grips on him, makes it impossible for him to move as she tights her grips! He struggles and does his best to get free but he has no chance to stand her brutal strength and her powerful grip.

Mistress Kristina is a wonderful gorgeous brunette Mistress. She sits right behind her slave who is actually sitting on the ground as she chokes him with her whole power. She makes it hard for him to breathe and headlocks him with a lot of fun. His arms are trapped by her strong legs. He cannot escape her.

Blonde mistress Ashley definitely knows how to deal with her pathetic worms. She grabs them from behind and starts to choke them. She increases the pressure with her sexy strong arms to make those losers become helpless and delivered. A state she calls perfect. Then she can start her humiliation scenarios...

Mistress KO has won the fight (again) and Steve has lost a further fight against a woman - what a loser. Look at her punishing Steve as he lays on the ground and tries to free himself - it's hopeless, she is so much stronger than him and the more he tries to get away the more she increases the strength of her deadly grip.

Anne is fucking athletic and this cruel girl headlocked Jason with all her power: He isn't able to free himself. She makes his head turn dark red and enjoys having him under her total control. He has to take it all since there is no way out for him...

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