Strangling Femdom

Hot girls strangling men

All articles tagged with "Headlocks"

This is a slaves torment. Mistress Saya has overwhelmed him and now she sits on his chest while she chokes him with her sexy bare hands. She smothers him with her sexy jeans skirt and makes him worship her black plateau boots. He licks them and sucks all the dirt for her...

Mistress Kristina is a wonderful gorgeous brunette Mistress. She sits right behind her slave who is actually sitting on the ground as she chokes him with her whole power. She makes it hard for him to breathe and headlocks him with a lot of fun. His arms are trapped by her strong legs. He cannot escape her.

Mistress Melissa tortures her slave with her sexy bare hands. She chokes him and makes his face turn red as she smiles and easily overwhelms him. There is no way for him to escape and she just loves the fact that he is much weaker than her and not able to resist her.

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