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Hot girls strangling men

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Katja has another helpless victim to do her strangling and leg scissors on. Her slim fingers wrap around his throat. the more he wrestled with her the tighter her grasps is on his thick neck. Her slave toy eventually succumbs to her sexual fetish

Katja loves to live on the edge. A stranger she just met is sitting on her black chair, she climbs on his with his head on the arm rest and uses her strong legs for choking him. His face turns a crimson red. She also puts her sweaty socks on his throat. She feels his pulse under her foot. She loves to strangle and push her slave until he is having a powerful orgasm

This sexy teen Mistress is called Loona. She is 19 years old and loves to dominate male slaves. This time she tramples one of them with her sexy bare feet. Then she sits on his face and pins him down. Later she chokes him with her sexy hands! She enjoys her power over him.

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