Strangling Femdom

Hot girls strangling men

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Sexy Lady Gina is having a fight with one of her slaves. After she won and beat her opponent down, she humiliates him. She tells him that he is a loser to be beaten by a girl and she chokes him with her strong hands. She even makes him shut up by hand smothering him...

Lady Gina Blonde wrestles with her boy friend! She loves fighting against him and showing the world that she is a strong woman who can beat any guy. In this clip she pins him on the ground and makes him suffer by strangling him with a string she wraps around his throat.

Mistress Lady Gina has discovered a new fetish. She totally likes it to choke a slaves throat with her bare hands. She loves having a slave under her control. In this clip she sits on her slaves chest pushes his windpipe and makes him get into panic. She is visibly amused by watching his pathetic tries to get free...

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